Roger Waters: ‘American empire is the most evil of all’

  • By Al Mayadeen English 
  • Source: Agencies + Al Mayadeen English
  • 5 Oct

Western mainstream media is one of the perpetrators that the legendary rock star names as propelling the destructive us-and-them viewpoint.

Following the interview with CNN in August in which Pink Floyd’s co-founder Roger Waters criticized the US over its role in the Ukraine war, calling US President Joe Biden a war criminal and underlining that Taiwan is part of China, his most recent comments come in an interview with The Rolling Stones this month stating his belief that America is the greatest evil in the world.

In Tuesday’s interview, Waters expressed that the “compliant media” enforces the us-versus-them formula, by being fed to the American people embodying the idea that China and Russia are ‘bad’ and the US is ‘good’.  

From his standpoint, he says: “Of course, we — when I say we, I’m now speaking as a taxpayer in the United States — are not. We are the most evil of all by a factor of at least ten times. We kill more people. We interfere in more people’s elections. We, the American empire, is doing all this sh*t”. 

The singer and prominent political activist stressed on the matter of Western-induced ideologies for the coverage that concerns the war in Ukraine: “You’ve seen it on what I’ve just described to you as western propaganda. It’s exactly the obverse of saying Russian propaganda; Russians interfered with our election; Russians did that. It’s all lies, lies, lies, lies.”

Furthermore, he announced himself as being placed on Ukraine’s “kill list” which includes figures and individuals who do not support its forces and Western intervention in the war that helps fuel it more. He added that Darya Dugina, slain journalist and daughter of Russian political thinker Alexander Dugin, was part of that list that led to her murder in August in a car bomb at the hands of Ukrainian special services.

Waters has even gone the extra mile and sent an open letter to the wife of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, Olena, requesting that she help “stop the slaughter” by pushing for negotiations to reach a peace deal with Russia.

Among the major topics brought up in his interview on Tuesday, such as Syria and Julian Assange, he emphasized the importance of the Palestinian cause and condemned the IOF by saying: “It’s not just the appalling death of Shireen Abu Akleh. They’re all appalling deaths… Every Palestinian shot to death by the [Israeli occupation forces] is appalling. She just happened to be very well known and very well loved, and she was a journalist and wearing a press and whatever. But nothing will happen to the murderer, as we know. It’ll be swept under the carpet anyways.” 

Waters gave a brief on the history of the Middle East in light of him being called anti-Semitic by supporting Palestine, namely the UK and France’s involvement through the Sykes-Picot agreement of 1916 that proved Western sabotage has and still roams in the ruins of the Middle East at the hands of the US.