“Object to sham sheep farm” Moviment Graffitti urges public

Moviment Graffitti has formally objected with the Planning Authority to application PA/5895/22 which seeks to officially transform the sham sheep farm in Bidnija into a hotel. The public is encouraged to submit its objection with the PA, either by sending an email to representations@pa.org.mt or by following this link, until 4 November. Moviment Graffitti’s objection can be viewed here.

This new, outrageous application has laid bare the real intentions behind the already-approved application PA/07946/18, which led to the construction of a massive two-storey structure, fitted with a pool and a reception area, in ODZ, under the pretext of a sheep farm. It has always been crystal clear that this building was not intended for its stated use and that it was approved through a series of deceit, lies and malpractice. The most recent application submitted by architect and businessman Mr Konrad Bezzina wants to change the layout and use of the fake farm so that it officially becomes a retail outlet with guest rooms.

In its objection, Moviment Graffitti not only highlighted the numerous planning policies breached by this application and the harm it will cause to the ecologically-sensitive Wied tal-Ħżejjen, but also called for the immediate demolition of this structure and for the site to be returned to its natural state at the developer’s expense. Last week, Moviment Graffitti called for the investigation and prosecution for environmental crimes of all those involved in the issuing of the first permit.

Over the past three years, the people were revulsed at the sight of a massive structure rising in the middle of an untouched valley; a symbol of the abject failure of our planning system. Now, the public has the opportunity to send their disgust, directly and formally, to the PA by objecting to this new application.

The fight against this obscenity will continue.