Italian unions say no to ‘new austerity’ in Brussels

CGIL and UIL leaders at demo as EU negotiates new Stability Pact

ROME, 12 December 2023, 11:06

Redazione ANSA


CGIL Secretary Maurizio Landini and UIL leader Pierpaolo Bombardieri said Tuesday that it would be a mistake for the European Union to give itself budget rules that bring back the era of austerity as member States continue negotiations for a new Stability and Growth Pact.
    “Going back to the rules of austerity would be harmful not just for workers, but for Europe itself,” Landini, the leader of Italy’s biggest trade-union confederation, told a press conference opening a demonstration in Brussels calling for a fair deal for workers and a stop to ‘austerity 2.0’ organized by the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC).
    “Today is a very important day on which all European workers speak out again and ask for Europe to become a social Europe, a Europe of workers, not of finance”.
    The Stability Pact has been suspended since the COVID pandemic exploded in 2020.
    If EU leaders fail to reach an agreement, the old budget rules will come back into force next year.
    “We have been campaigning for two years, saying that the choice to maintain the Stability Pact is wrong,” Bombardieri told the press conference.
    “We need a Pact for growth and not a Pact that does not allow Europe to face the great challenges it has.
    “The risk we run are that workers will pay the highest price of the Green and technological transition.
    “The EU must find the funds to finance a social transition”.