“Get this crazy war ended now!”: Trump

    By Al Mayadeen English 26/01/2023 by https://english.almayadeen.net/

    Yesterday, Washington announced it would supply Kiev with 31 Abrams tanks, which would constitute a Ukrainian tank battalion.

    Former US President Donald Trump said on Truth Social on Thursday that the war in Ukraine was crazy and slammed Western countries for sending tanks to Ukraine.

    “FIRST COME THE TANKS, THEN COME THE NUKES. Get this crazy war ended, NOW. So easy to do!” Trump said on Truth Social.

    Yesterday, Washington announced it would supply Kiev with 31 Abrams tanks, which would constitute a Ukrainian tank battalion. 

    The announcement was issued shortly after Germany said it commits to providing 14 Leopard 2A6 tanks to Ukraine. 

    The former Republican president has said several times that the Ukraine conflict would have never happened if he were president, and warned that the conflict will eventually lead up to World War III. 

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    Last month, a survey conducted by the Chicago Council showed a remarkable decline in American popular support for Ukraine’s military aid, in light of the Russian military operation in Ukraine, which began in late February 2022.

    Nearly half of Americans say Washington should urge Kiev to settle for peace with Russia, according to the same survey.

    “Republican backing for aid to Ukraine has slipped since the spring, with 55 percent of Republicans saying they support sending military aid, compared with 68 percent in July and 80 percent in March,” the survey found.

    According to the opinion survey, 47% — up from 38% in July — say the United States should urge Ukraine to settle for peace as soon as possible so the costs aren’t so great for American households, even if that means Ukraine will lose some territory.

    Americans who say their country should continue supporting Ukraine “even if American households have to pay higher gas and food prices as a consequence” have declined now to 48% — compared to 58 % in July, according to the same survey.

    As for 29% of the participants, they say that the United States should gradually withdraw support for Ukraine.

    Another poll published in late December 2022 revealed that  Americans don’t want the US to go to war to defend the former Soviet Republic. The majority preferred that US leaders focus on domestic issues, which are many and require handling.

    According to the survey conducted by YouGov, in conjunction with the Charles Koch Institute, the majority of Americans, 48%, said they are either strongly or somewhat against “going to war with Russia to protect Ukraine’s territorial integrity” should Russia invade the country. Only 27% favored such a move, while 24% said they didn’t know. 

    Meanwhile, 73% agreed that the United States “should prioritize domestic issues over foreign policy issues,” whereas only 7% agreed that foreign policy should be prioritized.