Diplomacy Not War – Peace in Ukraine!

Just as Veterans For Peace (VFP) condemned US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, we strongly condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and grieve for all those who have lost their lives in this horrific war. We support the creative resistance of the Ukrainian people, the brave opposition of the Russian people and the resistance of Russian soldiers, just as VFP has supported GI resistance to US wars. 

Read the full VFP statement: Veterans For Peace Encourages Diplomacy Not War

Veterans For Peace continues to take action on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.  Many chapters and members continue to respond by planning and joining protests, participating and hosting educational webinars and networking with people in Ukraine and in Russia.

We are already seeing an alarming amount of discourse in increasing Pentagon spending and an escalation of military endeavors.  We continue to maintain that the U.S. should commit to genuine diplomacy with serious negotiations.

Veterans For Peace joined with Public Citizen and 86 other peace groups to tell President Joe Biden, it is imperative that he should decrease the Pentagon topline in his forthcoming FY 23 budget request.  Read the letter here.

The Climate and Militarism Project has just issued a statement, The Ukraine Crisis and the Recent IPCC Report, with demands:

  1. Immediate ceasefire in Ukraine and a negotiated settlement that accommodates the security needs of Ukraine, Russia, and Europe.
  2. Reduction in NATO and US military posture in Europe in exchange for Russian guarantees to respect the right of self-governance of its neighboring nations.
  3. Renegotiation of lapsed arms treaties.
  4. Huge reductions by all countries in military spending and redirection of those funds to address the climate crisis.

Read our News Release: Veterans Warn Against “No Fly Zone” in Ukraine

Veterans of several U.S. wars are urging President Biden to hold fast against growing political pressure to implement a “no-fly zone.” 

A No Fly Zone is an area established by a military power over which opposing aircraft are not permitted. No Fly Zones are enforced by military interception of aircraft and missiles using deadly force, and sometimes include preemptive strikes to prevent potential violations. In other words, a country that declares a no-fly zone must then be ready to enforce the protected space, putting the U.S. in direct military conflict with Russia, escalating war between two nuclear powers. Read the press release here.

We also have posted some informational graphics seeking to educate the public about No Fly Zones that you can see in the sidebar! Please reshare our TwitterFacebook and Instagram posts. You can also download the graphics here.