CIA aware of Ukrainian plan to sabotage Nord Stream since June 2022


According to a Discord Leaks document, which the Washington Post picked up from a friend of Jack Teixeira, the CIA got wind of a Ukrainian plan to sabotage Nord Stream in June 2022 [1].

The CIA allegedly shared this information with the German BND Intelligence service before 26 September 2022, when the sabotage was carried out, which Intelligence officers reportedly confirmed.

Simultaneously, a private expedition, in which a journalist from The Grayzone participated, found a diving boot at the scene of the attack identical to those used by Ukrainian combat swimmers [2].

In December 2022, several senior European and US officials had declared that there was no incriminating evidence against Russia [3].

The saboteurs purportedly acted under the direct orders of General Valerii Zaluzhnyi, commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian armies, and of his deputy, integral nationalist Dmytro Yarosh.

Contrary to what might appear at first glance, this development does not let the United States off the hook, considering that Dmytro Yarosh is a historical member of NATO’s secret service. He has carried out a number of covert operations on behalf of the Atlantic Alliance against Russia since the 2000s [4].

The Nord Stream gas pipelines are owned by an international Russian-German-French-Dutch consortium. Consequently, the sabotage of this infrastructure constitutes an act of war against Russia, Germany, France and the Netherlands.