All US attempts to end Yemeni operations in Red Sea will fail: SPC

  • ByAl Mayadeen English
  • 22 Mar 2024 10:19

The Supreme Political Council in Yemen reaffirms its support for all Yemeni Armed Forces operations in the Red Sea, and salutes the Palestinian people.

The Supreme Political Council in Yemen stressed that all US attempts to end the Yemeni naval blockade against Israeli vessels or ships heading to the occupied ports of Palestine will end up in failure, adding that all US-UK airstrikes against Yemen are in vain.

In the context of praising the Yemeni Armed Forces (YAF) for their continuous efforts, the council saluted their military operations being carried out in defense of occupied Palestine and in support of the people of Gaza.

The council confirmed that the Yemeni stance in support of occupied Palestine until its decisive victory is unwavering and further praised the steadfastness of the Palestinian people in light of the conditions they are going through due to the Israeli war on Gaza.

Yemeni strikes leave ‘Eilat port’ non-functional

Israeli Channel 14 hosted the CEO of the Port of “Eilat” on March 21, Gideon Golber, to describe the current situation of the port and how the Yemeni Armed Forces’s (YAF) operations in the Red Sea against Israeli vessels or ships heading to the occupied ports of Palestine have been affecting its activity. 

Golber said that ever since the YAF began its operations in the Red Sea and closed the Bab el-Mandeb Strait, all activities on the “Eilat” port have been halted, and ever since that happened all settlers operating on it or using it have been out of a job. 

He added that this port is responsible for around 50 to 55% of imported vehicles from the Far East, adding that the occupation exports around 1.8 to 2 million tons of potassium and phosphate from the Dead Sea. It also imports claves and sheep from Australia and they have some other secondary activities, Golber said. 

In addition, Dimitri Lascaris, a Canadian lawyer and journalist, visited the Israeli occupation’s port settlement of “Eilat” on March 17 through 18 and reported that the Yemeni operations conducted by the Yemeni Armed Forces have indeed left the port settlement devoid of any cargo ships.

“There are no cargo ships here, no tankers [visible],” said Lascaris.

According to Lascaris, “All indications” point to the fact that “the attacks on Red Sea shipping by the Ansar Allah movement continued to have dramatic impacts on this particular port facility.”

The Canadian lawyer further underscored that the settlement is “far away from the major population centers of Israel,” adding that “it’s also not served by rail, at least not yet.”

This means that the Red Sea blockade against the Israeli occupation and in defense of the Gaza Strip has actually choked the settlement, which had no way around due to the lack of rail routes.