A new holocaust in the 21st century: Zionism threatens the world

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A new holocaust in the 21st century: Zionism threatens the world

Sergio Rodríguez Gelfenstein

The horror produced by the brutal Zionist actions in Gaza and the West Bank is a clear expression of the inability of the West and capitalism to provide peace and development for humanity. Zionism has proposed – in the name of a supposed divine mandate – to sweep the Palestinians from the territory that belongs to them. These facts are comparable to the most horrendous crimes in history: slavery, feudal lordship and its extermination plan, the colonial genocides of Europe in Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean, the two world wars that included Nazi-fascist barbarism in its desire to annihilate communists, Jews and gypsies and the extermination of native peoples during the American expansion in North America,

Throughout most of the history, Arabs and Jews lived in peace and harmony in Western Asia. But, at the end of the 19th century, within the framework of the beginning of the imperialist phase of the United States, Zionism emerged as an instrument of usurpation and territorial extermination of the Palestinian people. From that moment on, there has been no peace for them. The history of the 20th century is the history of Palestinian dispossession by Zionism.

The events of the 21st century, which began after the terrorist actions of September 11, 2001, which the United States knew about in advance, but did not prevent in order to impose a unipolar world under its hegemony, had a turning point in the years 2008-2009, when the financial crisis prevented unipolar supremacy from spreading across the planet.

Coupled with this, China had become a great economic, financial, scientific and technological power and Russia had emerged from the morass into which it was plunged by the collapse of the Soviet Union at the hands of Gorbachev and Yeltsin. In 2012, Vladimir Putin regained the reins of power in Moscow. The same year, Xi Jinping was elected General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party.

Some would say that it was destiny, others that it was circumstances, Marxists could believe that, in reality, what occurred was a dialectical confluence of objective and subjective causes, but the truth is that in that year 2012, a process started with a strategic turning point in the history of humanity, beginning an era of construction of a new world guided by other precepts and under other parameters.

Among others, some signs are: that the Eurasian space is displacing the Atlantic as the axis of world politics; that the transformation and effectiveness of the network of alternative institutions in the field of economy, finance, security and diplomacy constitute a more optimal mechanism than the UN to resolve controversies; that the growth and expansion of the BRICS (which already exceeded the GDP of the G-7) points to a different path towards progress and development in peace; that the advances of the ultra-right in Europe (similar to the last century when Hitler and the Nazis were enthroned), are displacing the ineffectiveness of the traditional politics of the Old Continent, dismantling its apparent beneficial and civilizing face; that the anti-neocolonial rebellion of Africa lays the foundations for its definitive and total independence; that the unstoppable advances in China’s scientific-technological development, particularly in the space area, express a superior capacity in the use of science as an instrument to overcome the great problems of humanity; and, that the power granted to Russia, China and Iran by their sole possession of hypersonic missiles changes the global strategic equation in matters of war by leaving aircraft carriers in a situation of total combative handicap.

That is to say, a new world is opening its way to the future. In this context, the United States only has aggression, conflict and war left. Its budget is geared toward that. It agitates Ukraine against Russia, Taiwan against China and Israel against the resistance axis and Iran. These are the three main conflict scenarios that the United States has promoted to seek its salvation through the development of wars that increase war spending in favor of its Military Industrial Complex.

Although he apparently had everything under his authority, the spillover of Zionism has called into question Washington’s leadership capacity. And what is worse for them, it is happening in an election year. The actions of the United States are aimed at that: guaranteeing the continuity of the Democratic government. The rest is not your concern.

He doesn’t care about Palestine or its people. They are not moved by the thousands of innocent children and women murdered, they are not concerned about the destruction of hospitals and schools, they are not interested in the journalists immolated while doing their work. His famous slogan of “freedom of the press” took a backseat in the interests of power, markets and the sale of weapons.

At the height of hypocrisy, he attempts diplomatic actions, when he simultaneously increases the shipment of weapons to the Zionist entity. It has even built a dock to supposedly deliver humanitarian aid, when in reality what it did was facilitate the incursion of the Zionist armed forces as a prelude to the massacre of the Nuseirat camp in Gaza that left dozens dead and injured.

Every day we wake up alarmed, we are haunted by the ghost that questions us about what have we done to avoid this barbarity? What else can we do? Knowing that anything will be insufficient because we will not be able to return to the mothers their vilely sacrificed children. In Venezuela, President Maduro and the government have denounced the Zionist genocide countless times, not just now, but for a long time. Already in 2009, during the government of Commander Chávez, Venezuela broke relations with the Zionist entity, reaffirming our full support for the cause of the Palestinian people.

Now we have proposed to develop a high-level seminar that, through a teaching-learning process, allows participants to learn – from reflective positions – the arguments that lead to understanding that a new holocaust is taking place in Palestine in the century. XXI, with the difference that is made in the sight and patience of the international organizations created to prevent it.

To this end, on June 13 and 14 we will hold the international seminar “A new holocaust in the 21st century” in Caracas. Zionism threatens the world” with the objective of making known the barbarity of the Zionist aggression in Gaza and the carrying out of a genocide against the Palestinian people very similar to that carried out by the Nazis against the Jews, the communists and the gypsies in the twentieth century. Likewise, we propose to clearly establish that Israel is an illegal entity artificially created by the UN. We also propose to know the decisive role of the resistance axis in the struggle and confrontation with the Zionist entity. Finally, we want to make clear the difference between Israel, Zionism and Judaism and their different approach to the conflict.

With the participation of 4 prominent Venezuelan speakers and 9 from abroad, we have debated these days in four panels:

  1. Jewish identities and Israel.
  2. Israel, an artificially created entity.
  3. The aggression in Gaza violates international law, and
  4. The Palestinian cause, cause of resistance.

This seminar has provided elements of analysis and arguments that will allow us to theoretically and conceptually solidify the necessary instruments to support and defend the just struggle of the Palestinian people, strengthening in practice the militancy in favor of their freedom and independence.

Sergio Rodríguez Gelfenstein

Sergio Rodríguez Gelfenstein

A Venezuelan international relations expert, Gelfenstein was previously Director of the International Relations of the Presidency of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, his country’s ambassador to Nicaragua and an advisor for international politics for TELESUR. He has written numerous books, among them “China in the XXI Century – the awakening of a giant”, published in several Latin American countries. You can follow him on Twitter: @sergioro0701