Monday 17 July at 8pm

Pjazza Kastilja

We will be joining the family of Jean Paul Sofia at Velja Għal Jean Paul Sofia to demand justice for him and all victims of construction in Malta.

The refusal to open a public inquiry is the latest proof that the Government continues to favour greed over justice.

The construction industry in Malta leaves death and destruction in its wake. Prosecuting individuals is not enough. What is needed is a root-and-branch reform of the unjust system that benefits those whose only goal is to make a quick buck at the expense of the health and lives of workers.

A public inquiry into the death of Jean Paul Sofia could have started the process towards real justice. Instead, in the face of his family’s suffering, the Government chose to turn a blind eye and allow developers to continue feeding at the trough.

The righteous fury of the Maltese at this betrayal needs to be heard loud and clear.

See you on Monday at 8pm.