Ukraine, the three reasons why I believe it is necessary to challenge Ursula von der Leyen

NOVEMBER 30, 2022 –

Alessandro Orsini

Professor of Sociology of terrorism at Luiss

Ukraine, the three reasons why I believe it is necessary to challenge Ursula von der Leyen

The survey published yesterday in CartaBianca repays me for so many efforts: the majority of Italians are against a new shipment of heavy weapons to Ukraine . Many Italians have understood that the Western bloc led by Biden, while being able to shut down the war, relentlessly feeds it from the outside with billions of euros in armaments. He could stop the massacre, but he won’t. The Western bloc led by Biden first fed the Ukrainians to Russia – also provoking it with the NATO military exercises in Ukraine in 2021 “Sea Breeze”, “Three Swords” and “Rapid Trident” – and then started using the civilian population as a battering ram : it will be the Ukrainians who fight against Russia on behalf of the White House.

In order not to have deaths among its ranks, the Western Bloc led by Biden, with the full complicity of Ursula von der Leyen , is using Ukrainian civilians to carry out its designs. The bloc led by Biden, posing as their friend, exploits the Ukrainians by sending them to slaughter. All this not to defend freedom, as demonstrated by the European Union’s support for the most brutal and bloodthirsty dictatorships in the world, but to absorb Ukraine into NATO.

Right now, the Western Bloc is led by extremists and Stoltenberg’s statements bear this out. Only a few days ago, on November 25, the NATO secretary general assured that: ” Ukraine will join NATO “ , while declaring that he knows that millions of Russians are enraged by NATO’s expansion on their border. As if to say: “In order to increase NATO’s expansion, we are ready for any war and nuclear escalation”. Isn’t this extremism? It is and it is very dangerous for the Ukrainians since Stoltenberg, with his extremist statement, has provided an incentive for Russia to march on Kiev to bring down Zelensky.

Immediately afterwards, the Belgian prime minister went to Kiev, where he signed a document in which he undertook to speed up the process for Ukraine’s integration into NATO as an “effective” member . Ukraine is already a de facto member of NATO, to which Article 5 of collective defense applies, and awaits formal recognition of its substantive status. Biden could stop the war in a few days, but he wants to carry it on for as long as possible in the hope that Russia will be marred by an internal revolt that will bring to power a president compliant with NATO imperialism, in short, a sort of “Yeltsin Two”. The Italians have understood this too and their “no” to sending arms confirms it. Between the life of the Ukrainians and the expansion of NATO, the Italians who choose life increase every day. The next step?

Contest Ursula von der Leyen for the following three reasons : 1) Ursula von der Leyen does not protect the lives of Europeans; 2) you do not protect the European territory; 3) you oppose diplomacy with Russia making even a ceasefire impossible. The difference between the president of the United States and von der Leyen is easy to say: Biden protects the lives of Americans and their national soil. Von der Leyen, on the other hand, protects neither the lives of Europeans nor their territory. Europe’s highest representative works against Europe.