Scores participate in cultural walk around Marsaskala Bay as the locality is threatened by the plan for a Yacht Marina

Scores of residents and citizens participated in a cultural walk around Marsaskala Bay last Sunday.The walk was organised in the context of plans by Transport Malta to turn Marsaskala Bay into a Yacht Marina that will take over the sea and the shores as well as hamper social and cultural activities in Marsaskala. During short stops around the bay in the heart of the locality, Perit Ruben Abela, President of the Wirt iż-Żejtun association, recounted important events, showed historical sites, and passed on information of socio-cultural value. The participants had the opportunity to appreciate all that we would lose if Transport Malta’s proposal were to be carried out, in which every inch of the beach and shore will be taken by pontoons for the rich and their yachts.We are aware that the authorities are currently doing their utmost to put an end to this issue following the great anger shown by the people when the plans for a Yacht Marina were published in a call for investors. However, we also know that the plans are still being put in motion in the same way, behind everyone’s backs, so much so that the call for investors has remained in place. This call seems to have been answered by some of the biggest businesses in Malta, many of which are already responsible for environmental disasters, dirty deals, and projects that are detrimental to our quality of life.For this reason, the resistance against the plan for a Yacht Marina in Marsaskala needs to continue, so that those who have already seized a lot of space and disrupted our quality of life do not continue to line their pockets at our expense
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