Protest – Park tal-Moħqrija. Battlu t-Tankijiet – Saturday 19 November

at 10.30am
near the Mediterraneo Marine Park 
We invite you to join us in protest against the Mediterraneo Marine Park on Saturday 19 November 2022 at 10:30am to demand the revocation of the Park’s licence and its permanent closure in order to end our country’s role in the capture, training, and mistreatment of dolphins and other marine mammals.
We will do a short march outside the Park’s perimeter and end close towards the entrance. The starting point will be near the ice-cream kiosk, here:
Why are we protesting?
Last year, under mysterious circumstances, three of the Park’s dolphins died. Their death was kept secret, but after the Office of the Commissioner for Animal Welfare launched an investigation, this summer it was revealed that the three dolphins died of lead poisoning while under the Park’s care. Since the authorities have not acted on our demands, we will be reiterating them again together with the public.
Dolphins should not be held in captivity for entertainment, nor should they be bred, bought or exchanged like some commodity.
The death of these three dolphins is solely a result of the Park’s negligence. While Mediterraneo has claimed that this was a one-off accident, there have been eight other deceased dolphins, one of which (Pinu) died very young, and the cause of his death is as yet not public.
Mediterraneo Marine Park Malta is nothing more than a poorly disguised circus, whose interests are solely financial. Animal circuses have been banned in Malta since 2014, and the constant shows and performances put on at the Park are like those that would be seen in a circus not a zoo. The Park has no role in conservation or rehabilitation, much less education. Anyone wishing to see dolphins can do so with reputable sea watching tours and respectfully enjoy bottlenose dolphins in their natural home.
Join us in reiterating our demands; we want the authorities to hold the marine park responsible for the death of these dolphins and intervene by revoking the park’s license, closing the park for good, and putting a stop to the circus-like performances that take place in this park.
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