Press Statement: Zminijietna criticised Labour MEPs position on Ukraine.

21st June 2023

The Left think-tank Organization Zminijietna is highly concerned with the position taken by three Maltese MEPs from the Labour camp, that of in favour of Ukraine joining NATO, after the end of the war.

“While we condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we understand, that the best solution for a lasting peace in Ukraine is for the country to embrace the concept of neutrality, and for Ukraine to join the European Union”.

“The seeds for the split in the Ukraine began in 2014, when the people were not allowed to exercise their right to vote in a sovereign way. This continued with the massacre and banning of several progressive parties that have always worked in favour of one Ukrainian nation. Nationalism and unilateralism, today is becoming a global threat”.

David Pisani
PROZminijietna – Voice of the Left