Press Statement: Malta should not step in the Red Sea crisis. – Zminijietna

The Left think-tank organisation is highly concerned about the consideration taken by Malta to be part of the European Union maritime security operation in the red sea.

Although we acknowledge the importance of safeguarding freedom of navigation in relation to the Red sea crisis, we also have to admit that the European Union is taking a dangerous and one-sided position in the war of genocide in Gaza.

Also, Malta is a neutral country and our constitution primarily emphasises the importance of working for peace and dialogue. Europe should also engage in dialogue with Houthis in Yemen, understand their position, distressing, and their connection with the war in Gaza. The unilateral action taken by the United States and Britain to bomb Houthis in Yemen violates international law and will widen conflict in that region.

Furthermore, Zminijietna said that Malta should follow Spain’s position of not to intervene in the Red Sea crisis out of a sense of responsibility and commitment to peace in Gaza.

Zminijietna ended by saying that progressive elements in the Labour Party should put pressure on the Government not to get our country involved in all this, as this ‘mission’ in the end will give more legitimacy to President Natenyahu to keep on with the war of genocide in Gaza.

David Pisani


Zminijietna – Voice of the Left