Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters condemns Twitter’s suspension of IYSSE account

16 November 2020 by

Gabriel Black

Last week Twitter suspended the account of the US International Youth and Students for Social Equality (IYSSE), the youth and student group associated with the Socialist Equality Party. After a week, the account remains blocked with its posts and masthead invisible to its readers.

The censoring of the IYSSE, at a time of growing interest in a genuine socialist perspective among young people has been met with an outcry and statements of protest across the United States and internationally.

Roger Waters, the famed musician and co-founder of Pink Floyd, posted on his social media accounts Sunday, “Twitter has banned the International Youth and Students for Social Equality [IYSSE]. It is critical that people are informed of this effort to censor them.”

Credit: Twitter_Nachricht von @rogerwaters

In a reference to Jack Dorsey, the billionaire CEO of Twitter and Square, Waters concluded, “WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID of @JACK?” The text accompanied a photo of himself with tape over his mouth reading “Twitter.” His combined posts on Twitter and Instagram have received over 75,000 likes at the time of writing.

Andrea Pejić, a leading international model, posted on her Twitter account, “Dear Twitter restore @IYSSE_US, @TwitterSupport. Stop censoring the world web. Stop censoring reputable left publications/organizations. Especially those that have been the most vocal opponents of fascism.”

Dozens of students and young people have contacted the World Socialist Web Site to express their opposition to Twitter’s censorship.