Press Conference in Pembroke (here)

08.06.2021 at 5:30pm


Local Councils, residents and organisations will address a Press Conference in Pembroke this Tuesday 8th June at 5:30pm, two days before the decision on the DB project.

During the Press Conference we will insist that this project is one of the worst to be proposed in our country, both because of its sheer scale, which is totally disproportionate with the residential context of the area, as well as due to its wide-raging negative impact on people, the natural environment and historical sites.

Thus, we will be calling on the Planning Board to definitively reject this project and for DB’s monument to greed to be cancelled once and for all.

Everyone is invited to join us here.

Social distancing and all Covid-19 related measures are to be respected at all times.

In order to make your voice heard during the PA sitting deciding on this project, on Thursday 10th June at 10am, register from here.