Nearly 100,000 homeless in Italy says ISTAT

Some 38% were foreigners in 2021, stats agency says

05 January 2023 by

 (foto: ANSA)

(ANSA) – ROME, JAN 5 – There are currently nearly 100,000 homeless people in Italy, ISTAT said Thursday.
    In 2021, the national stats agency noted, there were 96,197 homeless people registered in the national registry office.
    Of these, some 38% were foreigners, coming in more than half of the cases from Africa.
    They are mostly men and with an average age of 41.6 years, rising to 45.5 years for the Italians alone.
    “The inclusion in the national statistical survey of the homeless is a positive sign, aimed at giving visibility and recognition even to segments of populations that tend to be statistically difficult,” said Fio.psd, the federation of organisations for the homeless. (ANSA).