Miżieb Walk Sunday 20 November at 9.30 am

Leaving from Simar Nature Reserve
The Court of Appeal annulled the secret agreement by which the Miżieb and L-Aħrax areas were handed to the FKNK by the government.
We will celebrate this victory and appreciate the beauty of these places, which have now been handed back to the public, with a walk through Miżieb on Sunday, November 20th at 09:30. See the event on Facebook We will be leaving from the Simar nature reserve in Xemxija. After a short walk through Miżieb, we encourage the public to stay and picnic.
The authorities tried to steal 1.5 million m2 of public land for the benefit of a select few.
They failed.
This is because NGOs fought tooth and nail so that the woodlands of Miżieb and L-Aħrax remain accessible to all.
We are determined to make sure everyone can continue to enjoy these public spaces that are so important to society.
See you.