Massacre in Rafah: Israel bombs displaced persons camp

Israel bombs hundreds of forcibly displaced families in tents, horrific imagery emerges of people burning aliveMay 26, 2024 by Peoples Dispatch

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On May 26, over 35 people were killed by Israeli airstrikes while sheltering in Rafah, with bombs dropping on hundreds of forcibly displaced families sheltering in tents. Horrific images and videos spread around the world through social media, of sheltering families burning alive. Over 1.4 Palestinians displaced by the ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza have taken refuge in Rafah.

As the horrific news unfolded, Mohammed Nabulsi, a leader in the Palestinian Youth Movement, denounced the US government’s complicity in the genocide of the Palestinian people. Nabulsi was speaking live from the podium of the People’s Conference for Palestine in Detroit, Michigan, a gathering of thousands of pro-Palestine activists from around the world. 

Nabulsi denounced “those who send humanitarian aid simultaneously as they send bombs.” Biden has made promises of aid to Gaza through the building of a temporary pier for the delivery of humanitarian goods.

“They think they can scare us with Trump… you know who was fighting during those four years of Trump’s administration? We were!” Nabulsi continued. “They say they want to save democracy, we want to save our people. To hell with their democracy.”