Libya: from the battle of al-Qardabiyah in 1915, a symbol of national unity, to NATO’s strategy of chaos since 2011.

In 1915 when Libya was under the rules of the Italian colonizers a national epic that will remain immortal, Libyans from different regions and tribes have –for the first time in their long history after facing the many Egyptian conquerors, Greeks, Carthaginian, Roman, Arabs, Ottomans, -defeated in the battle of al-Qardabiyah the Italian colonizer.

This battle remains the symbol of national unity in which all patriots   of a single nation participated in order to achieve an unprecedented victory. (See on this subject the book of the Italian historian Angelo del Boca, “gli italiani in Libia” or “i gas di Mussolini”)

If, as Professor Robert Charvin writes in his latest and courageous book “Muammar Gaddafi, an attempt to change the world”,  the situation in Libya is both “anarchic and  volatile”,  only  Libyans can solve their problems while taking into account that   “Libya, like no political system at the heart of the power relations of the current historical period, has been not able to escape the decisive burdens that the powers impose.”

The working classes that were the genuine supporters of Mr. Gaddafi and the Jamahiriya must regain control of their future and oppose the culture of regionalism and localism to put an end to the fragmentation of Libyan society.

He   rightly noted that despite the demonization and criminalization of the anti-imperialist leader Gaddafi,  who had  “become the new Hitler”  for the information monopolies, the neo-colonial governments, the servile intellectuals and false friends of the left,  the  international popular solidarity, showed little in the case of the  Arab, Libyan, Popular and Socialist Jamahiriya.

“The leadership of western communist parties with the exception of the Portuguese PC and the Swiss Labour Party remained on the sidelines as if they did not understand the nature of the Libyan revolution, its syncretism and its Muslim dimension … »

He  recalls that the only clear opposition to the Gaddafi counter-revolution was that of the 42 left-wing parties of South America, and the Alba countries, demonstrating that the European left had become incapable of taking into account the non-Western multipolarity.

We would like to add that this was not only the case with the Western left.The Jamahiriya has been abandoned by the whole world.  

The anti-imperialist and socializing positions, the revolution of September 1st in 1969, the Green Paper and direct democracy, the great Green Charter of Human Rights, the third universal theory in order to unmask the   fraudsters   “on  democracy, freedom, human rights, socialism”   and to inspire popular revolutions with  “the  mathaba”,    the  new international, were neither understood nor accepted by the sectors of the Western left and  repressed  by  the right.

For the communist militant  Robert Charvin, this incomprehension resulting in an anti-Gaddafism,is “a real Western pathology” due to  inculture and  ethnocentrism.

The most progressive economy in all of Africa, with a human development index of the highest in the African era,  despite  multiple difficulties,  is  now  exhausted. “Electricity  is lacking, food and medicines, the black market, and all imaginable trafficking is under the control for the city of Tripoli alone of 53 armed militias under a self-proclaimed governorate ( A . Belhadj ) financed by Qatar.  »

The fragmentation of society eight years after NATO’s aggression is looming over the country. “All conflicts have been exacerbated, all conflicts of social, economic and political interests have resurfaced, and Western states “despite their willingness to interfere encounter many problems in identifying even the forces that may be useful to them”.  

Rather than we think, the Jamahiriya will be reborn, it has not “died with the murder of its Guide, the sovereignty of Libya is not erased and its voice in the world is not extinguished”,a  new battle of al-Qardabiyah  is possible and can put an end to this  chaos and  neo-colonial plundering.

Our support for the Jamahiriya has always been unwavering even when in the streets there was hardly anyone to support it and we are not alone. “The world needs to invent the right of interference of peoples” Robert Charvin.

By Information Office

Alba Granada north  africa