Kremlin: Energy has become target for terrorists

  • By Al Mayadeen English 
  • Source: Agencies
  • 12 Oct

Kremlin Spokesperson Dmitry Peskov pointed out Wednesday that energy has become a target for terrorists, and accidents at the Nord Stream pipelines are good examples of this.

“Energy is what develops us … energy is what becomes a target for the criminal actions of terrorists, as we saw with [Nord] Stream [pipelines] and energy is what the future of all mankind, including our country, is connected with,” Peskov said.

Kiev regime should be held accountable for crimes

The Russian Spokesperson mocked Western countries for constantly wanting to bring someone to justice, offering the West to hold Kiev accountable for its crimes.

Following a meeting on Tuesday, the G7 reiterated its support for Kiev and condemned Moscow’s actions, announcing its intention to hold the Russian leadership to account.

“You know there are constant aspirations to hold someone accountable [in the G7]. I would very much like to hope that sooner or later they will want to hold the Kiev regime accountable for the crimes that it constantly commits,” Peskov told reporters.

In the same context, the Kremlin Spokesperson said that NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg’s statement that Russia’s victory in Ukraine would mean the alliance’s defeat can be considered proof of the fact that NATO fights in Ukraine.

Peskov denies claims Musk talked to Putin before unveiling Ukraine-Russia peace deal

Peskov denied claims that Tesla CEO, billionaire Elon Musk, spoke with Russian President Vladimir Putin before introducing on social media his plan to settle the war in Ukraine.

On Tuesday, US media reported that Musk spoke with Putin prior to publishing a Twitter poll proposing a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine, for which he was criticized and derided by senior Ukrainian officials.

Musk later denied the reports, saying he only spoke with Putin one time about space approximately 18 months ago.

“I can only confirm to you that, indeed, they had a telephone conversation about a year and a half ago,” Peskov told reporters.

Kremlin calls Putin-Al Nahyan meeting as “substantive”

In a separate context, the Russian diplomat described Tuesday’s meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and UAE President Mohammad bin Zayed Al Nahyan in Saint Petersburg as “substantive”.

According to Peskov, the UAE leader informed Putin about Ukraine’s position, while the Russian President briefed his counterpart about the situation at the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant.

“The Russian side has mentioned that we are interested in continuing Abu Dhabi’s mediation efforts in these matters,” the Spokesperson said, adding that the UAE plays an important role in the prisoner exchange between Moscow and Kiev.