Israel bombs UN-run school in central Gaza, kills at least 40

Israeli genocide of Gaza continues, mostly women and children killed as Palestinians sift through the rubble for human remainsJune 06, 2024 by Peoples Dispatch

Photo: WAFA Images

On Thursday June 6, Israeli forces bombed a UN-run school in the Nuseirat refugee camp in central Gaza, killing over 40 people, mainly women and children. 

Videos of the aftermath of the massacre circulated social media and horrified millions, showing pools of blood amid the rubble and men collecting the ragged remains of children’s bodies.

The Government Media Office in Gaza stated, “We hold the ‘israeli’ occupation and the American administration fully responsible for these crimes against humanity and international law, and we call on the world to condemn these crimes and the ‘israeli’-American aggression on the Gaza Strip.”

“We demand the international community and all international and global organizations to pressure the ‘israeli’ occupation to stop the genocide against civilians, children, and women in the Gaza Strip. We demand the international community to prosecute the ‘israeli’ and American war criminals participating in these daily massacres and genocide against civilians in the Gaza Strip,” the statement continued. 

Wafa correspondent reported that an Israeli war plan targeted the upper floors of the school as people were sleeping, resulting in more deaths. Thousands of displaced Palestinians have been sheltering in the school. 

Nuseirat refugee camp has been targeted by Israel multiple times since October 7, causing hundreds of victims. The Nuseirat massacre is only one of at least six massacres committed by Israel within a 24-hour period.