Villas in Comino: What Hili Group would not like you to see
JOIN US this Saturday 22 April at 10.30am, outside the MCC, Valletta

We invite you to an information meeting regarding the proposal of Hili Group for villas and a hotel in Comino, this Saturday 22nd April at 10.30am, outside the Mediterranean Conference Centre (MCC) in Valletta.
Over the past few weeks, Hili Group intensified their public relations campaign in an attempt to placate the anger of the public at their project in Comino. They did this through a number of articles and advertisements on the media which include deceptive information and pictures. During the weekend, they are even organising an exhibition and a presentation at the MCC in order to promote the project that they want to build in Comino.
Although we do not have the millions of euros of Hili Group at our disposal, we strongly believe that the public has a right to accurate information that gives the whole picture of the plans of this developer and their disastrous impact on Comino’s environment and on the public’s enjoyment of this natural reserve.
Therefore, we encourage you to attend this meeting where we will explain, through information and graphics, the different aspects linked to the project of Hili Group.
The plans of Hili Group are currently awaiting the approval of the Planning Authority. Thousands of people submitted objections against these plans and environmental organisations have warned that the fight against this environmental obscenity will escalate if Hili Group will not have them withdrawn.
See you on Saturday!
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