Class struggle at a new level

Week commencing 6th January 2023 –

AS THE new year arrives the class struggle has sharpened and intensified in Britain to a level unseen for many years.

Nurses, railway and postal workers, paramedics, bus drivers, border agency staff and many more are taking a stand for fair wages and also on other issues. The years of austerity that have followed the global financial crisis that started in 2008 have achieved nothing. Workers are now starting to say “enough is enough”. The falling value of wages, rampant inflation and inadequate public spending have combined to ensure that as usual it is the workers who are made to suffer from the failings of capitalism.

The Labour Party should be organising, campaigning and calling for action. Where is the reassuring solidarity, the mobilisation for mass rallies and concrete support that is needed now?

A number of Labour MPs have defied the leadership and joined picket lines, but apart from a few words of muted sympathy the Starmer leadership seems more interested in issues of little importance. As workers stand up to defend their rights the New Communist Party fully supports them. The NCP campaigns for substantial wage awards, improved pensions and a reduction in working hours. A reduction in arms spending and ending the support for corrupt regimes along with making the rich pay more tax could easily fund the benefits. We demand that all restrictive legislation against trade unions should be abolished. We also seek re-nationalisation of the utilities and public transport along with a complete reversal of NHS privatisation and outsourcing. Our policies are bold and include a campaign for nuclear disarmament, an active policy for peace and diplomacy, and the closure of all foreign military bases.

Our progressive policies are dramatically different from those of the mainstream political parties. They possess dynamic qualities that could promote a lively and stimulating debate. Our essential message needs to be presented to a far wider audience. This means gaining an increased readership for the New Worker and producing more pamphlets and leaflets.

The working class has to be imbued with enthusiasm for building socialism and given the confidence that with united effort things can and will change. Progress requires an acceptance by the workers of the relevance of socialism and also the fact that capitalism is in terminal crisis. Unemployment, poverty and soaring inflation plagues the imperialist heartlands of Europe and the USA. But another world is being built in the people’s democracies in Asia and the Caribbean.

People’s China is once again the workshop of the world with an economy second only to that of the USA. The people of Cuba, Democratic Korea, Laos and Vietnam are taking giant strides to raise the living standards of working people. And at an international level, from Palestine to south Korea, and Brazil to the Donbas, the masses are stepping up the struggle as they fight for their freedom against US hegemony.

We all want to make 2023 a better year. And a good way to make it one is to join the NCP. Our party stands for advancing the material interests of the working class at home and in the rest of the world. We seek to build our vanguard party to ensure that workers have the knowledge, resolve and essential vision to challenge the establishment – and in doing so to lay the foundations for a beautiful new society.