British campaigners condemn ‘terrorist’ attack on Venezuela

TUESDAY, MAY 5, 2020 by

BRITISH campaigners condemned today an attempted invasion in Venezuela by US-backed “terrorists.”

The Venezuela Solidarity Campaign (VSC) said it was no surprise that the “trail leads to Colombia and Washington” as its leaders have made clear intentions to bring a regime change in the country.

In a statement, VSC said: “This latest terrorist attack must also be condemned outright and unequivocally by everyone who believe in the rule of international law and peace and conviviality among nations.

“It is about time Colombia stop breaking international law and allowing its territory to be used for terrorist incursions into Venezuela.”

The group also condemned the “grotesque decision” by President Donald Trump to offer millions of dollars as bounty for the heads of President Nicolas Maduro and other high officials of the Venezuelan government.

Communist Party of Britain international secretary John Foster said that the attack “demonstrates the criminal irresponsibility” of the US government in funding and supporting opposition leader Juan Guaido’s “terrorist” organisation, and for maintaining its blockade on Venezuela during the coronavirus pandemic.

He urged the British government to dissociate itself from the actions by the US government, in order to enable the free supply of all forms of humanitarian aid to Venezuela.